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Hoffmann service doesn't end at the delivery of your filter system.Our service team has expanded leaps and bounds over the past few years, all with the goal to be able to bring our customers the best after market service available. Please feel free to contact our service team at any time at 248-486-8430, or via email at service@hoffmannfilter.com.







Frequently asked questions

Q: How often do I need to replace the filter belt on my system?

We recommend the belt be inspected every 1500 hours, and swapped out with another belt and power washed every 3000 hours.  Then the belt can be swapped back into the filter when that belt needs to be power washed. This way, the belt's useful life can be maximized.

Q: How often do I need to replace the elements on my mist collector?

You can tell that your elements need to be replaced when you finish grinding a part and the grinder cabinet is still full of mist after about 10 seconds. You should weekly check the pre-filter elements and wash the drop separator. Keeping these elements clean will make the HEPA filter last longer. Remember when installing a new HEPA filter to adjust the flow damper to slow the air flow through the HEPA until the cabinet just starts to clear with in the 10 seconds. And as the filter starts to dirty then open the damper as needed until full open.

Q: I am going through a lot of filter media - what is normal, and are there any adjustments that can be made?

On a TBF or BFI adjust the float switch so that the coolant level is about 20mm from the top of the media on BFI's and 20mm from the bottom edge of the overflow on TBF's
For UBF's and HSF's adjust the Vacuum setting to a point where the coolant from the clean tank overflowing into the dirty tank is about 10 - 15 G.P.M. at this point the system should go into a clean cycle.