Our Products

Hoffmann Filter prides itself on offering the widest selection of coolant filtration solutions available. Click on any of the links below to find more informaition about each of our systems. To get a quote for a system tailored to your exact needs, please contact our sales department at 248-486-8430 or at sales@hoffmannfilter.com.

Suction Belt Filter

The newest addition to the Hoffmann family acheives a superior level of filtration while maintaining a continuous flow of coolant, all without the use of disposable filter media.


Suction Band Filter

Our popular UBF vacuum filter is ideal for demainding grinding applications with systems availle that range from 30 GPM to over 1,000 GPM.


Deep Bed Band Filter

Ideal for oil-based applications, the TBF deep bed band filter takes the traditional band filter concept up a notch, providing superior filtration while preventing messy overlflows.

TBF band filter

Flat Bed Band Filter

Hoffmann's BFI band filters are an economical solution for many standard grinding applications. Ideal for water-based coolants, they are available with a number of options to customize to your exact needs.


Precoat Filter

Available in manual and fully automatic models, Precoat Filters are ideal for operations requring extremely high filtration quality with low stock removal rates.

Precoat Filter

Centrifuge System

Unlike traditional filter systems, the centrifuge does not use disposable filter media and it allows the user to reclaim the seperated product, making it ideal for carbide, glass, and ceramics.


Automatic Pressure Filter

Primarily used as central filtration systems for groups of grinders or machining centers, these durable filters offer high volume stock removal and high flow rates.

Pressure Filter

Centralized Systems

Designed specifically for hard metals, the edge filter is capable of handling the most demanding machinging processes while still acheiving high levels of filtration.

Edge Filter


Hoffmann offers chillers in both immersion and flowthrough units. Our coolers offer high efficiency and and easy to maintain design. Standard sizes are available up to 120,000 btu/h.